About Google Waymo

- The world's BEST driverless car

I'm the best


  • Waymo is a driverless car company made by Google.

  • They have so far successfully tested their driverless car Waymo 1 in a state of Arizona, America with many people

  • They launched the project back in 2009 and have made lots of progress

  • Many people have signed up for riding the Waymo in a controlled environment

  • In 2015, the first fully automated test drive took place in 2015


  • The car uses sensors beams which use radar and laser to track how far away it is from objects and how fast they are going

  • The car predicts what another vehicle is going to do next by using its 3D camera and sensors

  • The car has a 3D camera to detect traffic lights, signs and what position it is on the road

  • Every ride the car does, it learns more about what cars might do and how to safely go past pedestrians

  • Waymo can detect cars over 300 meters away!