What the US is famous for

1. Huge skyscrapers in New York City


      I think the skyscrapers in New York City are amazing. In Stats, they have 284 skyscrapers higher than 100 metres! Imagine working on the top floor of one of the enormous skyscrapers. 


     The best skyscraper you can visit inside is the Empire State Building, which has 2 observation decks. But if you have a fear of heights, don't think about it as it is 381 m high!

2. The Grand Canyon


         The Grand Canyon in Arizona is a natural formation of layered red rock. The deepest part of it is 1,829 down. There are many tours you can take, such as the water bus or raft tour which goes along the river between the Grand Canyon. You can also get a guided tour through a route in the Grand Canyon.

3. The Beaches


    The USA has some wonderful beaches which you can swim, play and do watersports. At Miami Beach, which is a Florida Island city, has many wide beaches on the coast. They offer watersports, swimming and hotels.