Geography Facts

Geography Facts

1. The Amazon river is 6,400 km long!

2. Tokyo is the biggest city in the world!

3. There are 50 different states in America!

4. Australia is wider than the moon!

5. Around 90% of the earth's population live in the Northern Hemisphere!

6. Mount Everest takes around 40 days to climb and is the tallest mountain in the world!

7. The world's population is more than 7 billion!

8. China experiences the most number of earthquakes!

9. There are over 2,000 thunderstorms on the earth every minute!

10. The fastest recorded raindrop was 18mph!

11. A bolt of lightning is 5 times hotter than the sun!

12. It can take nearly ten minutes for a falling raindrop to travel from a rainforest’s thick canopy to the floor!