120 Billion Masks - Where will they go?

Globally, it is estimated we are disposing 120 Billion Masks and around 65 Billion Gloves - EVERY MONTH! . Millions of plastic masks and gloves are being disposed of every day.

Masks have been spotted washing up on beaches across the world and many people have fears of them injuring and killing sea life. Although we should wear masks to protect ourselves from the virus, the affects on the climate may be devastating.

I think that more people should reuse their face mask and use a washable and reusable one instead. This will mean fewer masks will be thrown away and the impact on the environment after the Coronavirus Pandemic will not be as bad.

For Doctors and Medical workers, they cannot reuse their masks, as it is essential they wear a mask and frequently change their Plastic Gloves between patients.

Face Masks

Face Masks (Credit Pixabay.com)

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