All about lockdown

7 November 2020, 17:48:52

On the 2nd of November, the UK entered another national lockdown, after being decided by Boris Johnson. Rules are slightly different depending on where you are, but schools will stay open.

In England, only essential shops like supermarkets are allowed to stay open. You can no longer meet up with people outside of your bubble and must maintain social distancing. Also, cafes and restaurants are closed, but are allowed takeaway.

Schools will stay open for all, but from years 7 and above, children and teachers will need to wear face masks in corridors and busy areas.

There will be no changes to getting tests and self-isolating, but vulnerable people will no longer have to shield. The new lockdown will feel similar to the one back in March, but you will not have to do schoolwork from home.

Please remember to wear a mask and wash your hands frequently! Help stop this virus!


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