Apple and Android's 2020 updates

3 October 2020, 17:48:38

Apple and Android have released their new 2020 update with more features. For Android, they have released Android 11 and for Apple they have released IOS 14.

In Apple’s update they have added a new ‘Widget’ feature meaning you can add mini apps which can show you specific information, like one for weather or the latest news. These new widgets can be personalised, then placed on your home screen, like a normal app. Apple has also changed the design styles for some main apps.

In Android’s update, you can multitask apps and you can control your phone in other ways. Android 11 also has a voice control mode and automatic suggestions for when messaging.

Both updates have added privacy features, Android have advanced privacy settings for each app and Apple has introduced a light at the top of the screen which shows if your location is being used.

IOS 14 update

iPhone IOS 14 update (Credit to

IOS 14 update