Are aliens real and what would they be like?

28 September 2020, 18:20:23

You may have wondered before if there are other people or aliens in space and what they would be like.

  There may be Aliens out there as there are millions of millions of miles of space and lots of planets humans have never explored or seen.

    There is no proof that Aliens exist or don’t exist and there are many scientists and astronauts have been trying to find living life on other planets for over 80 years.

  If Aliens where real, would be very different to us. They might be tiny insects, or they might be enormous giants. They would also have unique things to eat and need conditions to survive.


   To make the search for Aliens easier, we try to work out what conditions they might need. As we depend on water, to drink and to function, astronauts and scientists have tried looking at planets with lots of H20 (water).

What do you think about Aliens? Do you believe in them? Do your friends believe in them