Christmas Meeting Relaxation Ditched and Tier 4 announced

19 December 2020, 17:19:58

Boris Johnson has announced that London and South East England will now enter Tier 4 from Sunday The new ‘Tier 4’ means that Non-essential shops will close, only 2 people may meet together outside and traveling is limited. Sadly, meeting up for Christmas will no longer be allowed in Tier 4 areas.

Recently, there has been a sharp spike in Coronavirus cases in London and the South-East part of the UK, causing the Prime Minister to re-decide Christmas Relaxation. Over 35,000 cases were recorded in the UK on the 17th December.

In the rest of England, meeting up for Christmas with 3 households will be allowed, but for just Christmas day.

In the Press Conference, Boris Johnson mentioned a new variant (slightly different types) of the virus which is now becoming very common in most Covid cases. The new variant can spread quicker than the first Coronavirus, but will not cause higher death numbers or worse symptoms. The variant started back in September and is spreading fast.

Good News: Over 380,000 people have already had their 1st dose of the Pfizer Vaccine just in the last 2 weeks. This gives more hope that we will fight the virus and it will allow people to meet next Christmas.

Press Conference

Press Conference (Credit to Number10Gov on Prime Minister)

DEEPER: More about the Variant

The virus has been mutated (changed and made copies of itself) to spread more easily and is causing more infections. Scientists don't think it could cause more deaths or may be useless to the vaccine, but the new variant is currently going through investigations.
The variant has been named virus variant VUI – 202012/01, identifying it as the first variant under investigation in December 2020.
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Press Conference