COVID-19 Testing Problems

17 September 2020, 18:35:57

Many people in the UK cannot get a COVID-19 test recently. Many people have been wanting tests and some people have had to travel up to over a 100 miles away.

People could not get tests, as the laboratory who analyze the swabs (bottles with the sample) cannot handle lots of them as each swab is only valid for a few days.

This huge want for tests is as people return to work and school as they have either feel ill or want to protect others.

The government has plans to increase the testing amount per day to a million. Currently, only around 300,000 tests can be done per day. When the testing amount increases, they will give the NHS staff workers and the elderly the first tests.

Mini Stats: Current Cases: 30,248 and 948,468 deaths (worldwide) Deaths are decreasing as cases rise (Stats from wikipedia)

Coronavirus testing

COVID-19 Test (Credit to Photography: fernando zhiminaicela

Coronavirus testing