DareDevil Paramedic Uses Jet Pack

29 September 2020, 17:21:24

A dare devil paramedic from the North Air Ambulance flew over a valley on a Jet Pack to help a Casualty. The Jet Pack, designed by Gravity Industries, a Jet Pack making company.

The jet pack can get to a casualty faster and easier than walking or flying in an air ambulance. The Journey on the jet pack took only 90 seconds to climb the Valley. The Air Ambulance team believe it could save many lives of those stuck or injured in remote areas.

Once the paramedic arrives at the patient, they can complete an assessment and provide some medical care and then call the support needed.

The amazing jet suit is powered by 3 booster, two for your hand and the other on your back. The Jet pack can reach a top speed of over 80 miles per hour and is worth over £300,000! The jet pack is quite safe as it uses your own balance and arms to move and doesn’t fly high altitudes.

The North Air Ambulance want to make the jet pack an alternative way of paramedic transportation and have plans for the future. The company are making some changes to the design of the suit and hope for it to be available by next summer.
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Paramedic in Jet Pack

Jet Pack (Credit to Gravity Industries Youtube Channel Video Screenshot) No Copyright

Paramedic in Jet Pack