Eat Good! Exercise Regularly! Keep Healthy!

15 September 2020, 07:02:27

During the coronavirus and ongoing lockdowns, many people found it tempting to just sit at home and eat junk food. This article explains why exercise and healthy eating are important.

Exercise is important as it helps you live longer and heather, improves you mental health and mood and lowers the risk of contracting some diseases, such as cancer. Just doing a Pe With Joe workout or a 30-minute walk to school will help you keep healthy. Children should try to do 60 minutes of exercise per day.

You should also have a healthy diet, eating Junk Food can also cause bad moods and you can become addicted quickly. Eating your 5 a day in fruits and vegetables isn’t hard! You should also try to have milk (calcium) to help your bones grow. Aswell, try to have less sugar and junk food.

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Fruits and vegtables

Fruits and Vegs (Credit to

Fruits and vegtables