Eat Out To Help Out Scheme

25 August 2020, 07:49:32

‘Eat Out To Help Out, is a new scheme set up by the government. If you eat in a restaurant, you can receive a 50% discount on your food. This 50% would be some money which restaurants have to give the government as Tax.

However, this scheme is only running from Monday to Wednesday every week in August. Due to the new discount, many more people were rushing to eat in restaurants, meaning the restaurants could make money again compared to the long closures during lockdown, and it will protect jobs of chefs and waiters.

Why don’t you have a delightful trip to the restaurant - this is the last week of the Scheme. In some restaurants you can get a family lunch for just £5!

EatOut To Help Out

Restraunt Eat! (Credit

EatOut To Help Out