Is there a second wave of Coronavirus coming?

22 September 2020, 18:04:01

A virus usually has a few waves, in which each infects many people. The first wave starts with many people catching the virus, and many dieing. In the next waves, slightly fewer people tend to catch the virus and fewer people die, this would go on until the virus has settled.

You can identify waves on a graph of the coronavirus cases, look at the graph opposite on the UK coronavirus cases. You can see the first wave, was from March to June, and then you can see the coronavirus cases rising in September, looking like the start of a second wave.

We are not sure if COVID-19’s second wave will be smaller or bigger than the first. But with the highest amount of covid cases on the 26th September, it will probarly be bigger. With the SARS virus, there were a few waves, a small one, followed by a big one, then the cases gradually went down.

The Prime Minister is launching new rules to help stop another wave of the virus. The PM has announced rules on Weddings and expects more people to wear masks on the streets.

Graph of Cases

Graph Data from The UK Goverment, graph made by Samuel from News4kids.

Graph of Cases