Late Return to School - Many schools go back online

31 December 2020, 14:38:47

Some primary schools and all secondary schools across England will have to return to online learning for an extra two weeks. This is because of many COVID cases in England and the new type (variant) of Coronavirus, which proves to be more transmittable.

This is after the government’s Education Minister, Mr Williamson announced the delayed start for schools.

The selected primary schools that will stay closed (the 18th January) are mostly located in the South-East of England, including all of London. All other primary schools should start at their normal reopening time.

However, schools will still be open for pupils who have important exams, vulnerable or key worker children. If you are doing 13+ or GSCE, you may be able to go back to school.

This time also allows teachers to organise and prepare mass testing for secondary schools, which the government hopes will minimise the spread of coronavirus in school. The new rapid tests only take 20-30 minutes to show if you are positive or negative and can be done at school. These tests will be given to students and teachers regularly.

Empty Classroom due to Coronavirus

Empty Classroom (Credit to

More on Rapid Testing:

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Empty Classroom due to Coronavirus