Lockdown for England

5 January 2021, 10:49:21

Boris Johnson earlier announced a new lockdown, meaning schools must stay closed until February half-term. Schools will move to online learning.

However, children of key-workers and vulnerable children may go to school.

Besides schools shutting, people can now only leave their home for essential shopping and exercising.

Boris Johnson forced England into lockdown to help hospitals and to stop the spread of the new variant (type of the virus). Mr. Johnson said that the new variant is between 50-70% more transmittable.

In both Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, schools will move online and similar tough lockdown measures are being introduced.

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson announces lockdown (Number 10) Flickr.com licenced for use

What did Boris Johnson say in his speech?

Boris Johnson said that ‘Over 80,000 people tested positive for covid across the UK - A new record.’

He also thought 'The new variant was both frustrating and alarming.' and said 'Scientific evidence shows that the new variant is between 50-70% more transmittable.'

The Variant is slightly different types of the Coronavirus virus, which is now becoming very common in most Covid cases. The new variant can spread quicker than the first Coronavirus, but will not cause higher death numbers or worse symptoms. This is causing Coronavirus cases to rise.
The variant is thought to have started back in September.

View the full speech here: https://go.news4kids.co.uk/BJ-Speech

Boris Johnson