New Coronavirus Levels called 'Tiers'

16 October 2020, 12:04:04

The city Lancashire has agreed to move into Tier 3, meaning indoor places, restaurants and lots of public places will shut. This is because of a huge rise of Coronavirus cases over 20,000.

The government has recently introduced a new system for levels of coronavirus - called ‘Tiers’. The lowest is Tier 1, and the highest is Tier 3. England is now in Tier 2, meaning that social gatherings of over 6 people is not allowed.

For other parts of the United Kingdom, Wales started enforcing local lockdowns a week ago and The government plan for Schools in Northern Ireland to close after the half term.

Some Schools across the country have had to partially close due to coronavirus, but the government want to keep the schools and education system up, and prioritise schools to stay open.

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson (Credit to Number 10 Gov)

Boris Johnson