Riots in Washington against US Election Results

10 January 2021, 12:33:23

On Wednesday, Donald Trump’s supporters rioted at the US Capitol Building, which is where lawmakers were meeting to check Joe Biden’s victory for the next president.

Donald Trump and his supporters thought that the election was unfair, so Mr Trump told his supporters to march to the Capitol protesting against Biden’s victory.

Sadly, the protests turned violent and people were seen breaking into the Capitol building. Sadly, some police and Trump supporters were badly injured during the protest when police arrived on the scene.

People later left the building after 4 people sadly died and armed police took action.

Later that day, Donald Trump was permanently suspended from Twitter, where he had tweeted to his supporters. Twitter, after reviewing some of his posts, though they were violent after the incident in the Capitol Building. Politicians are now angry at Donald Trump for encouraging rioters.

Crowds of Trump Supporters around the Capitol Building, US

1) Crowds of Trump Supporters around the Capitol Building, US.
2) Donald Trump's Twitter account now blocked!

What happened next?

Joe Biden, who will be the next president, said, 'The events were an assault on democracy.'

Lawmakers commented, 'Today there was treason in this house, there were traitors and thugs'
They also described the day as 'One of the worst in recent American history.'

Joe Biden's victory from the election was later confirmed in the Congress at the end of the unforgettable day for them. During the invasion of the building, workers at the capitol had to wear protective gas masks when tear gas was fired.

Crowds of Trump Supporters around the Capitol Building, US