Strictly Come Dancing is back! - What happened this week!

18 October 2020, 08:24:50

The famous Strictly Come Dancing show is going to take place on TV through the next few months. Lots of new celebrities have been chosen and partnered up with a professional dancer.

This week, famous online singer HRVY came first on the leaderboard with 26! out of 30. Motsi thought it was the best first dance ever on Stricktly. The dance was a quick step dance, which is dancing and jumping around the stage quickly.

Because of Coronavirus, the 2 people dancing must form a coronavirus bubble and must social distance from other dancers and celebrities. However, the TV show will still look normal, but less group dances will take place. The Show will be taking place at around 8 o’clock each Saturday evening.

Jamie Laing, who is famous for acting on TV, is back for this series of Strictly Come dancing after injuring his leg during a live dance on Strictly Come Dancing. The boxer Nicola Adams will be paired up to make the first ever female dance couple.

Do you like watching Strictly Come Dancing? Who is your favorite celebrity or dancer taking part? You can answer in the comments below:

Stricktly Come Dancing

Stricktly Coem Dacncing (Credit to

Stricktly Come Dancing