What are the face mask rules in the UK?

8 August 2020, 08:23:45

There have been many changes in rules for masks in England and the UK recently. Boris Johnson has announced new rules meaning you must wear a mask when inside public places.

These public places include inside areas like churches, museums, hairdressers and shops. However, in restaurants you will not need to wear a mask while at a table eating.

In England, people are under 11 years old, have a disability or cannot wear a mask, will not have to meet these new rules. For anyone else, they must respect the new rules as the law and the police may fine people.

Please visit: bit.ly/masksUK for a full document of the Mask requirements in England, Scotland and Ireland.

Face Mask Rules

A woman wearing a face mask in a shop (Credit pexels.com)

Face Mask Rules