When will school go back to normal?

10 August 2020, 08:04:37

All children will need to return to school for the upcoming September, set by Boris Johnson. Boris Johnson thought it was a most important priority to insure they returned to School and they should be the last to close in any future lockdowns.

Many children around the world have been struggling with having to work from home. Many children don’t have the right technology needed to complete their homework and talk to their teachers and are now behind in their year group. This plan will help all children to get back into a normal routine and catch up on their learning.

All Pupils and Teachers will still have to stay in their bubble groups - little groups of around 14 students. Disabled and vulnerable children must also return to school, but some may take extra precautions.

Schools in Ireland and Scotland will be opening schools earlier than the UK.

Schools in the UK

Social Distancing (Credit to freepik.com)

Schools in the UK