Planting Fruit!

Planting, caring and eating your own fruit is very fun!

I would recommend starting with planting Strawberries or Tomatoes as they take only 2 months to grow and are very tasty!


My Tomatoes

Planting Strawberries:

1. Buy a disease-free strawberry plant from your local garden centre or where else.

2. Find a big pot or a flowerbed to grow the strawberries in.

3. Dig a hole about half a ruler long and half a ruler wide.

4. Carefully take the plant from its stem or soil and place it into the pot or flowerbed (make sure the leaves and stem are above the surface!!)

5. Now pile any spare soil around the plant so the roots are concealed below the soil.

6. Give the plant a good water (about a whole watering can full).

7. If you have slug/caterpillar repellent, I suggest you use it so they don't gobble up your strawberry plant!

8. Every day (ideal) water your strawberry plant and in 2 months, you should be able to eat the strawberries.

9. When the strawberries are red and look juicy and yummy, you can pick them.

10. Before you eat them, remember to wash the strawberries well and also wash your hands.