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Learn and Play chess

Chess is a really fun, mathematical and competitive board game. People have played it for 100's of years by people from around the world. Games can last from 10 minutes to days.

Chess is played by 2 players on an 8x8 squared board. Each player has the same amount of pieces (16 in total) which include a Queen and King, two Bishops, Knights and Rooks and 8 pawns each.

Picture of Board (scroll down for the rest of article):

The aim of the game is to use your pieces to move across the board, take the opponent's pieces and win by putting the king into checkmate.

Checkmate is a position in which one player's king is directly attacked by the other player's attacking pieces and cannot escape. This is how someone wins a game.

Personally, I think chess is a very interesting and tactical game. I have enjoyed playing it with my friends at a chess club for a few years.

During Coronavirus, you may have no one to play chess or learn chess with, so I would recommend these online chess websites. - Learn chess for free and play against computer and other people online - Learn chess for free and play against the robot or other children with similar skill to you.

(PLEASE ask your parents' permission before signing up and make sure other people cannot message you online)

I hope this article inspires you to start playing chess!

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