How to Make Chocolate Rice Krispy Cakes

What you will Need:

  • 3 teaspoons of honey or golden syrup

  • 150g of chocolate (dark or light, your choice) or cocoa powder

  • 100g Butter

  • 100g Rice Crispies

  • A Saucepan

  • A Teaspoon

  • A Stirring Spoon

  • Some Cupcake cups

How to make the cupcakes

   1. Separate the pieces of chocolate into small chunks (if using chocolate)

   2. Add the chocolate chunks/cocoa powder, butter and golden syrup into the saucepan.

   3. Put the saucepan on low heat and wait for it to be melted, also slowly stir the mixture.

   4. Now stir in the rice crispies. put in around 1 quarter at a time. Make sure each one is covered in chocolate.

   5. Now transfer the mixture into cupcake cups

   6. Leave the tray in the fridge to cool

   7. Once cooled, you can now eat them

   8. If you have decorations you could decorate your cakes with smarties or marshmallows