Terms and Conditions

By Terms and Conditions, we mean the rules you as a user have to abide to proceed to use our website and/or our services from News4kids.

Please read through the Terms and Conditions listed below:

BY Sam


'User' is meaning of you, our site visitor.


1. As the user, you must respect copyright laws enforced on our website. All Content may be used for Teaching resources, but may not be reproduced on the Internet or to be used for commercial purposes.

2. We (news4kids team) collect analytics about which language you speak, which country (in some cases City), etc. you are proceeding to our website through. We use Google Analytics and Wix Stats to view our views.


3. When posting a comment, writing an email or entering a contact form you must make sure that anything said is not inappropriate, offensive or in any way not necessary. 

4. Some of our forms require verification via RECAPTCHA by Google. We do not take any credit or responsibility of this service. You must be honest when complying you are not submitting spam or are a silly robot.

5. Please keep in mind that we are 5 children, aged 12 years old. Some of our content may not be completely perfect and comply with Teaching / Academic Sylabis as we publish content we think is important for starting that subject.

6. Most of our photos are taken from other websites (usually pixabay.com / unsplash.com / flickr.com or Shutterstock) we always check for copyright and always make sure we can use the photo/s online or for editorial purposes. If in any means, the photograph is not following copyright or not credited we are very sorry, and will try and replace it if we are informed by you as a user.

7. You need to ask your parents before commenting, entering a form or signing up to our website. (Subscribe form requires parent's email).

8. We (as the News4kids team - Sam, Barney, Fraser, Kenny and Aneel)  don’t guarantee that all the content of this website is accurate, although we take great consideration before publishing content on our website.

9. We have no responsibility for links redirecting to different websites from this website (this includes ALL YOUTUBE VIDEOS).

10. We are allowed to delete and edit any comments posted onto our website.

11. The manager and verified news4kids team members may delete any of our content at any time.

12. We may place our logo, company name and email on any online content which we have ownership of. We may also put our logo or company name on any merchandise or accessories purchased by our website manager.

13. We can remove any members or email contacts of anyone subscribed to News4kids if we feel so, due to inappropriate, spam, not complying with terms and conditions.

14. You may not try to delete, hack or in any means damage our website or company. This includes attempting to log into our emails, accounts or deleting our website.

15. You must respect our personal information (Names, Emails, Addresses etc. and may not use it for other purposes.

16. You may not conduct or do something unlawful on our website or regarding our website or News4kids Company.

17. We take no credit or responsibility of any work or things or comments you have posted into us and have been published onto our website.

18. You may only contact us via our emails regarding our website, News4kids or our services. You may not contact us about personal information etc. (This doesn't apply for our teachers, friends and family who visit our website).